Manufacturers and Importers:

Have you thought about setting up a sales representative network in the United States?

If you have, would you know how to go about creating the structure of working effectively with self-employed independent contractors?

Do you have the experience motivating and stimulating a sales representative sales force where communication is much different than with factory direct sales people?

As a sales representative for over 30 years, with extensive experience training and working with factory National Sales Managers, I have put together a seminar geared to companies of all sizes who seek the advantages of an independent sales force.

Some topics covered at the seminar include:

Benefits of developing a network of independent sales representatives over those of maintaining a staff of factory direct sales people.
Five key steps you'll need to set up the effective structure of a well-networked sales rep team.
Reasons for each good rep who successfully sells for you, why the next eight fail.
How to successfully structure sales commissions and incentives to highly motivate your sales force.
Three questions sales reps don't want to hear or answer sales managers.

If you are interested in pursuing the possibilities of our company creating a custom Seminar for you and your company, let us know.  I travel the U.S.A. and Europe sharing information to help companies across the globe solidify their sales department.

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